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I developed the Personality Recipe to help women strengthen their relationships, career, and self-confidence. It's the basis of my coaching program. The Personality Recipe is comprised of a strategic system of personality and strengths assessments that identify your unique recipe. With your recipe, we work one on one to build your dream life. And yes, I truly mean DREAM LIFE. 

We all need to give ourselves more grace in order to reach our goals and live a successful life. One of the best ways we can do this is by understanding that we all do things differently. And I specialize in helping women like you figure out how YOU operate: how you emotionally respond to the world, what your strengths are, how you interact with others, why you make certain choices, in essence, your entire Personality Recipe.

The Personality Recipe is for women like you who want to level up their lives in a powerful and sustainable way. I'm talking real, insightful growth - which comes down to identifying your specific personality, not applying a one-size fits all program to your very unique life. If you want to create massive success in your career, business, or life at home, and improve your relationships tenfold, your Personality Recipe is what's going to guide you.

 With my Personality Recipe program, I can help you...

Gain powerful clarity into the way you operate

Establish a strong relationship with yourself

Discover your blueprint for success

Break through deep blocks

Identify why you haven't been successful, 

or why you've seen massive success but are now plateauing 

 My Personality Recipe program is a multi-step

plan comprised of:


The Enneagram has exploded over the last 10 years. It's the first assessment you'll take because it works into every part of who you are. It will give you insight into how you emotionally respond to the world, whether you're stressed, happy, angry, or anything in between. Think of the Enneagram as the foundation of your Personality Recipe. Discovering your emotional competency is critical - it dictates how you respond to the people and world  around you. 

Strengths Finders

Strengths Finders is another foundational assessment. I've been helping people utilize Strengths Finders professionally for over 10 years. Consider this quote: "Anyone who is trying to tell you to work on your weaknesses is trying to keep you mediocre." We all have strengths for a reason. And Strengths Finders takes a deep dive into your specific strengths. Knowing your strengths is another critical component to your happiness and success because it uncovers why certain things haven't worked for you in the past and how you can work within your strengths in the future. As humans, we emotionally respond from our strengths. We work better in our strengths. We're more successful in our strengths. If you work in your strengths AND do what you love, you'll never work a day in your life.


Meyers-Briggs is the test that most have heard before. It never changes, and many people know their unique Meyers-Briggs code. This assessment looks at how you sense things - whether you judge or think - are an introvert or extrovert - and how you'll be successful in life. If you've taken Meyers-Briggs before, that's great! I'll help you take action based on your results that will bring you success.


DiSC studies your leadership style. In other words, it determines how you interact with people, which is another extremely important insight to have if you want to live your most successful life. Have you ever listened to a podcast or read a book about productivity? You get super excited to apply the tips and tricks you learned only to find yourself back in your old habits a week or two later. DiSC identifies your natural behaviors and tendencies. Once you take the test, we will develop actionable steps that fit your specific profile, so you can tap into your leadership, communication, and productivity skills in a natural and powerful way.

Love Languages

You're probably thinking, "Why do I have to know my love language? How is that helpful to my career or business?" While it may not seem like it at first, Love Languages is crucial. Knowing how you want to be loved and appreciated affects every aspect of your life. Do you know how you love? How you respond to others? How about how you respond to customers? Or clients? Or your colleagues? Utilizing Love Languages will help you in business and your personal life. The second aspect of Love Languages is discovering how to love yourself. You need to focus on yourself because you can't do anything authentically or sustainably without loving yourself first. 

These assessments, along with professional coaching and guidance, can transform your entire life. I'm talking career, business, relationships, and most importantly, your own self-worth. 

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