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You're here to learn more about me, and that's actually pretty cool. I'm an open book, so let's scroll!

I’m an imperfect person who loves people imperfectly. I can list out my resume and achievements but they are not the reasons why people choose to work with me.

After doing all the things in this world that I am “supposed to do,” go to college and get a couple of degrees (a Bachelor’s and a Master’s respectfully), I changed jobs over and over again. I was never happy. Education, “my life’s calling,” was terrible. Corporate made me want to pull my hair out. Working in a private company was not for me. Then one day my husband said the faithful words that caused me to change everything...

To begin...

“It doesn’t matter if you’re happy in your job. You just need to work.”

Shut. The. Front. Door.

Excuse my french, but I kindly said to myself “FUCK THAT NOISE” and went on a journey of self discovery.

I believe a few things to be true:

  1. Life is more than working yourself to the grave.

  2. Life is more than just your job and your career.

  3. Life is about what feeds your soul.

  4. With the proper music, you can change everything (more on this later).

  5. Now, let’s not get it twisted. I do in fact need to work. If the COVID lock down of 2020 taught me anything it is that I am NOT stay-at-home mom material (I love my babies but WOOF, that was hard!).

HOWEVER, changing jobs every few years didn’t have anything

to do with those jobs and everything to do with my mindset.

Yes, I sit here today acknowledging that my mindset was CRAP,

my happiness was CRAP and so of course, those jobs were CRAP.

It wasn’t until I dove headfirst into self development that my life started to change.

My relationships were stronger, my career was better and I was less depressed than before.

I started to infiltrate the world with what I was learning and as you see it here today,

turned it into a life long career.

I have yet to meet a perfect person.

What I have met are imperfect people working on themselves imperfectly.

And that is all that we can ask for of the people around us.

There are some people however who need the cookie cutter

list that they have grown to expect of an “about me” section.


So for those of you, here we go:

  1. I have a Bachelor’s and Master’s of Science, both people and leadership focused. (I am also an education junkie. Always learning and growing!)

  2. I have worked in both Education, Corporate and for Small Businesses… I like small business the best.

  3. I have spoken at conferences all over the country about Leadership, Education and Race & Ethnicity.

  4. I am married and have two beautiful babies!

  5. I am a tumbleweed- I grew up all over the country! I currently reside in Dallas/Fort Worth!

  6. While I did not develop the personality test, I am the founder of the Personality Recipe!

  7. I believe that music is as essential to life as water.

  8. My husband and I travel every other month to relax and rejuvenate. It is a non negotiable for our marriage.

  9. I am self conscience about how many exclamation points I use! But I really am that joy filled.

  10. I tell it like it is and for some that is hard but for most it is growth inspiring.

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tamikataylorco@gmail.com  |  Tel: 1 (817) 203.4678

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