The most important aspect of your business, career, and relationships is your mindset.

Find your happiness

and learn to put it first


My job isn't to like you, it's to make you like you.

I specialize in leadership and lifestyle coaching. That means women come to me when they want to live their best and truest lives. My services range from personal coaching to mastermind groups to life changing experiences. Keep scrolling to find out more or book a chat with me today!


Tamika Taylor

I’m an imperfect person who loves people imperfectly. I can list out my resume and achievements but they are not the reasons why people choose to work with me.

After doing all the things in this world that I am “supposed to do,” go to college and get a couple of degrees (a Bachelor’s and a Master’s respectfully), I changed jobs over and over again. I was never happy. Education, “my life’s calling,” was terrible. Corporate made me want to pull my hair out. Working in a private company was not for me. Then one day my husband said the faithful words that caused me to change everything...


Work with Me


Work with me in a personal setting to assess your Personality Recipe and reach your reigning goals.
Join me for a 6-12 month program alongside a community of like minded individuals.
Set off with me on a journey of self development and life changing adventure.

Morgan P.

“You NEED a Tamika in your life! If you don't think you do..then you definitely do. She has been a game changer for me! Our first meeting was actually to see if I should keep going with what I was pursuing and in less than 60 days I know I should. She has not only helped bring back my confidence, she helped re-light that fire! Reach out to her, I PROMISE you will not be disappointed. Let her help you get where you want to be!”



Jennifer D.

"Tamika has helped me become more focused on the aspects of my business that will lead me to future success and longevity. She has taken the time to listen to me, help me create reasonable goals and set standards that take me out of my comfort zone. She celebrates my achievements like my very own personal cheerleader, and helps me fine tune where I am not getting it right. Tamika is well versed in people, she understands what it takes to make life work well. If you are thinking about working with her you will not regret it!"

Lindsey L.

"When Tamika asked me what I wanted to achieve, I told her I wanted to get rid of the roller coaster of emotion I have been having, I wanted to be a better business owner, I wanted to be a better mom and a better wife. We have achieved all these things. She helped me in my business in ways that I never thought of. She truly cares and has a great attitude and amazing ideas. I would recommend her in a heartbeat for any life or business coaching needs."


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